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School & Childcare Shade Structures

School & childcare shade structures are designed to protect children, visitors, teachers and staff from harmful UV radiation in learning and play areas

Here in Northern New South Wales we’re all very aware of the need to be sun smart and to protect our kids from the harsh Australian sun, so it makes good sense to add shade as an extra layer of permanent sun smart protection in all our schools and childcare centres. School & childcare shade structures is a major component of our business.

Remember to be sun smart!

Research shows that skin is most in danger of UV radiation damage in the first 18 years of life.  A Queensland study* found UV exposure during those first 18 years was the most critical risk factor for skin cancer, and also caused skin damage and premature ageing.

* (Kimlin MG, Guo Y. Assessing the impacts of lifetime sun exposure on skin damage and skin aging using a non-invasive method. Sci Total Environ 2012 May 15;425:35-41 Abstract available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22459885)

A correctly designed and installed shade structure must be a priority in areas used by children and young people and to also provide protection for those adults responsible for their care.

Apex Shade Structures  design, manufacture and install permanent, shaded and cool areas in a variety of situations in schools and childcare centres, for example:

  • Outdoor learning environments
  • School assembly areas
  • Play equipment
  • Sand pits
  • Walkways
  • Swimming pools

Our commercial shade structures offer:

  • a large range of colours to complement the existing setting
  • attractive appearance, and most importantly
  • UV protection of 90+ SPF.

An added bonus of installing a shade structure is that by lowering the air temperature, a shade structure will:

  • create considerably more usable and versatile outdoor space
  • extend outdoor learning or play time in a sun safe and shady environment
  • provide protection of assets, extending the life span of play equipment by reduced exposure to harmful rays, and
  • reduce your property’s cooling costs.

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